How to Plan A Galentine’s Day Celebration

We have spent all our time planning the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts and experience for our significant others, but what about our girls!?! You know, that group of friends that ALWAYS has our back? In this blog we share ways to make them feel appreciated this Galentine’s Day.
First, let’s address the elephant in the room - what is Galentine‘s Day? Well, we actually have the show Parks and Recreations to thank for making this day so popular! In 2010, the show released its “Galentine’s Day” episode forever making it a trend so many women follow.
Galentine’s Day, usually celebrated on February 13th, is intended to be a day to bring your closest group of Gal friends together to show them some love and appreciation. Our hope? This blog will help you do just that!
Let’s break it down!
Be the one to make it happen! Here’s a little secret you should know - all your girls would love a Galentine‘s Day celebration. BUT! Everyone is waiting for someone else to plan it. So, be the one to make it happen! And this how you can do it:
  1. Pick a date and time
  2. Virtual or In-person ?
  3. Cooking or Ordering Take-out?
  4. Make sure to have your favorite drinks
  5. MOST IMPORTANT - enjoy yourself!!
Keep it simple and fun! A successful Galentine’s Day is simple. Focus more on the experience and what your girls group would appreciate. These are your closest friends, we are sure that just gathering can be enough. But why not make it a special moment for all of you to share!
CMB Tip: Get your girls excited for Galentine’s Day by using cute invitations like these. You can send it straight to your group chat (we know you have one!) and get everyone excited!
Girls Only Rule
This is a short and to the point one but one we feel we must include. Keep the Galentine’s celebrations for the Gals! This will allow for you and your girls to be able to enjoy the celebrations fully.
Virtual or In-Person, it doesn’t matter
Don’t let distance or any other reasons stop you from planning/attending a Galentine this year! There are so many virtual platforms that can be used to make a virtual Galentine’s Day just as great.
CMB Tip: Maximize those girls group chats! Send an e-card like this or setup a time to FaceTime or video chat!
Galentine’s Day, regardless if it was made up by a show, gives women an opportunity to gather for the sake of gathering and show each other appreciation!
We hope you have blast planning and enjoying your Galentine’s Day this year! Tag us on Instagram if you plan your Galentine’s day party! We would love to see what you come up with for your girls.
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