10 Things to Do One Week Before Your Wedding... I bet you haven't thought of #4!


 1. Pay All Vendors

Everyone wants to get paid! These vendors have a job to do and they expect a payment - understandable! Each vendor will have their own deadlines for payments, but you definitely want to make sure you have paid them all a week before your wedding. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be running around looking for a check or a card to make a final payment.

List of Vendors to make sure you pay:

  • Venue
  • DJ/Band
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Florist
  • Catering & Dessert Company
  • Transportation
  • Guest Parking (Valet)
  • Hair/Makeup
  • Wedding Planner/ Day of Coordinator

CMB Tip: Prepare tip envelopes for all vendors ahead of time. Make sure they are labeled, filled and sealed. Make sure you give the responsibility to someone you trust to distribute the filled envelopes so that it is one less thing for you to do on the day of the wedding.

2. Confirm with all Vendors

Make sure you review your contracts and have calls with all of your vendors to ensure you are on the same page about the expected service. Read your contracts to ensure you know exactly when the service will begin, what it will include, and when they will end. If you are planning your wedding without the support of a planner or coordinator you want to make sure you are on top of all this. Ensure you have the point of contact for each vendor. Ideally, they will be able to let you know who will represent them at your wedding. On the call, also ensure they confirm all final payments have been made.

3. Go over everything the week before (box/label)

You don't realize all the things you'll need to pack for the big day! A week before the wedding, take the time to put all wedding related items in one place. Once you have it all together, start organizing and grouping things. For example, create boxes that need to be dropped off at the venue. For these boxes you will include any decorations, any items for Hora Loca (if you are having one), and any items for guests, such as favors or gifts.

Going through this process will help you have a clear idea of what is pending. Most brides leave this with a "To Do/To Buy" list. This is a good thing! It's better to know this one week before and have time to address/buy whatever is pending.

CMB Tip: Categorize your organizing. Label your boxes: BRIDE, GROOM, VENUE, HOTEL, REHEARSAL, DAY AFTER.

4. Decide on your Point of Contact to Address Day-of Questions

The last thing you'll want to do on your wedding day is be distracted from enjoying it by having to handle or answer any questions from vendors, family members, or friends. The best advice we can give -Designate someone (Maid of Honor, Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator) to be the Point of Contact. Despite how much information you can provide on your invitations, website, and through the 100s of text messages and calls prior to the wedding, there are always questions the day of by tons of people.

CMB Tip: Create a "Contact Sheet" to hand out to the Bridal Party, Parents of the Bride & Groom, Vendors, and Wedding Planner/Coordinator, if you have one.

5. Make food arrangements for the Wedding Day!

Don't go hungry on your wedding day! Yes, you've organized an amazing menu for your guests to enjoy, you had that one bite of your cake at the tasting, but the reality is most brides and grooms don't get to enjoy either on their wedding day. With that being said, its important you make a plan to ensure you have food available. Have your Maid of Honor and Best Man organize breakfast and lunch for the group.

CMB Tip: Have your Maid of Honor and Best Man call the hotel or closest food spot ahead of time to coordinate and pay for the food. If the food needs to be picked up or dropped off, then ensure it is coordinated the week before the wedding.

6. Write Your Vows

Okay, okay, all the details have been organized, everything is purchased, you have a week left before the wedding and let's be honest, you haven't written down your vows. Keyword - WRITTEN. We know you have romanticized the moment you walk down the aisle and meet your spouse at the end and you say "the best vows ever!" Well, we are here to bust your bubble, if you don't write down your vows you will find yourself so overwhelmed with the emotions of the day that you might not be able to get one word out!

CMB Tip: Print both of your vows out a week before, if possible, but definitely a few days before. You do not want to be running around the day of your wedding trying to hand write them or trying to find a printer.

7. Try on your Day of Outfit

You have tried on your dress a few times -when you first bought it and your multiple fittings. But these moments are not what we mean when we say, "Try on your Day of Outfit." By this we mean, try on everything - the under garments, your shoes, jewelry, headpiece and make sure you try on the second outfit (if you'll have one). Do this to ensure that everything looks EXACTLY as you've dreamt.

8. Finalize Rehearsal Dinner

You have spent most of your time and energy planning your wedding. First, if you are having a rehearsal dinner, you'll want to make sure you started the planning for it months before. However, you'll definitely want to make sure all the details are finalized a week before. Some brides will have their rehearsal dinner at a restaurant or another site different from their wedding venue - make sure all details are organized.

CMB Tip: Don't worry about making your rehearsal dinner over the top. For most people, the rehearsal takes place the day/night before the wedding. Don't make yourself more stressed leading up to your wedding having to plan yet another party.

9. Establish and Share the Family Game Plan

Oh man! You will have family members you haven't seen in forever show up for the big day! Everyone will want to be involved and want to know what's happening [This is where #4 comes in handy!]. To make your life easier, we would recommend creating a Family Game Plan - an itinerary telling everyone where to be and when to be there. Some brides even include a "What to wear" section to ensure everyone is ready for the celebration.

CMB Tip: Create this Family Game Plan early to share it with everyone with time, in case there are questions. Well, not "in case", when there are questions !

10. Set a date to STOP!

In other words, know when to stop worrying about every detail that you've already overthought a thousand times. Give yourself a date when you and your spouse will just stop planning and fully indulge in the excitement of getting married. We would suggest giving yourself 3-4 days before the wedding. Truly disconnect for the planning.

CMB Tip: Set up something fun to do with your spouse and for yourself ! Have a relaxing day and/or go on a date!

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