How to Include Loved Ones in Your Wedding

While we were planning our wedding it was very important to be inclusive of our family members! We knew it would mean so much to them to play a special role on our wedding day. Below we share some ideas from our wedding!

Find purpose for your bouquet:

Your bouquet can be more than just a bundle of beautiful flowers. There are many ways to add a meaningful personal touch, such as remembering a lost loved one. Pictured is a note from 1942 and a sterling basketball pendant that belonged to my late grandfather. We wanted him represented in our wedding. Wrapping this around my bouquet allowed for him to walk me down the aisle with my mother.

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Wanting my husband's family to be represented in my walk down the aisle, I asked my now mother-in-law for an item from her wedding. Pictured is a lavender flower from her wedding being added to my bouquet. The addition of this flower not only added a little color but meant a lot to her!

CMB Tip: Consider creative ways to include your future in-laws - it is a small gesture that can mean so much!

Unique Wedding Band:

My pictured wedding band was passed down from my mother - it belonged to her husband who passed away before I could meet him! He was, is, and will always be an important person to us and I get to wear his ring with pride!

CMB Tip: Don't forget the value of family traditions or even creating them!


Forever in Our Hearts:

In the front row of our wedding, next to my mother was a picture of my late grandfather. As I mentioned above, having him present at the wedding was very important to me! His picture reminded the family that he is and will always be with us in life's big moments! This simple gesture was subtle yet impactful and meant a lot to the family in attendance.

CMB Tip: The inclusion of friends and family who have passed should be done in a celebratory way! They would want that for us!

These are just a few ways we included our loved ones in our wedding! When trying to decide what to do for you wedding remember - each gesture will be as unique as the relationships you have ! Comment below with any creative ways you have or plan to include your family and friends in your wedding!

Photo credit: The Affinity Studio They are amazing! Check them out if you are looking for a photographer and/or videographer.

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