How to NOT lose your mind 1 month before your wedding !

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Let’s keep it real - planning a wedding is STRESSFUL! For most brides, the moment you say “Yes” all of your dreams, ideas, and hopes of your wedding fill up every inch of your brain ! #Pinterest boards are made breaking down your “perfect day” - no detail forgotten. And lets not forget Plan B for all options just in case there are any issues with Plan A.

It does not matter if your wedding is 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years away - most brides hit the ground running the first couple of months fueled by the excitement of being engaged. But what happens after the first couple of months? After all the “major”, “time sensitive” items are figured out, the answer is easy and common amongst most brides:


Some brides even put a hault on planning all together! While the break feels short, you look up and now we are one month away from the big day! All of the excitement goes straight to stress, wondering if you forgot something... or should add something.

In my experience of working with brides as a coordinator (one of the many hats I wear!), most brides need one place where they can see what they have completed or have pending for the wedding. Here are some suggestions to make that possible:


This will allow you to have all wedding related documentation in one place. This includes contracts, printed visuals of rented items, and pictures of layout, cake, etc. Having all of this in one place will ensure you don’t have to run around trying to find anything for the wedding !

CMB TIP: Create an email specifically for the wedding planning process. This will be the email you give to ensure all wedding related items, conversations with vendors, and contracts are sent to one place. If you give your everyday email you will be bombarded with so many emails and may miss something.


We all have different styles for staying organized. Are you a pen and paper bride? A digital bride? An organized mess bride? Whatever your style you’ll need a checklist to ensure nothing is left undone! After working with so many different kinds of brides I’ve created a comprehensive checklist for any Bride

There is nothing more satisfying than checking off ALL of the things you’ve done. One month before the wedding you are stressed mainly because you feel you may have forgotten something. But this list will let you see that your To-Do list is smaller than you think (hopefully) or it will let you know what is pending versus trying to guess or figure it out.


The most important suggestion I can offer is to enjoy planning your wedding with your spouse, family and friends. Remember that your guest aren't going to know the difference between white and ivory, they won't remember the small details only you know went wrong, and that they are there for a good time! So your responsibility - focus on the fun you'll have on your wedding day!

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